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Links to Get You Started

Discovery Channel School: Science Fair Central

A comprehensive site with help from beginning to end for your project.

Cyber Fair: Steps to Prepare a Science Fair Project

This site has one sentence explanations of each part of a science fair. One of the steps described is presenting your project to judges. This may or may not be a part of your science fair. The site also has an explanation of what makes a good project and an explanation of how to come up with your own science fair project.

Experimental Science Projects: An Introductory Level Guide

An excellent resource for students doing an experiment-based science fair project. There are links on this page to a more advanced guide and an example of an actual experiment-based project.

Steps for a Science Fair Project

An animated introduction to the science fair. by Kevin Temmer. 15 min.

Successful Science Fair Projcets

"Advice for a great science fair project."

The Ultimate Science Fair Resource

A variety of resources and advice.

See some samples of how to write up your project.
Here are titles and abstracts of science projects done by actual 7th grade students. They include the Question, Hypothesis, Materials, and Procedure written by each.

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